Once upon a time…

there was a small kiosk.

That is how the Casina del Bosco was born in 1995.

In these years we have grown a lot and the classic kiosk of yesteryear has been renovated, giving way in 2009 to a modern and welcoming architecture as a real restaurant, integrated with the seafront, close to the beach, the sea, the Grand Hotel in Rimini and the cheerful light-heartedness of the Rimini summer. And in 2019 we expanded even further. Check it out, we’ve made the papers!

#25YearsATCasina’s: TOGETHER ON A ROLL

In 2020, Casina del Bosco celebrated its ’25 years at the table together with you’. Aris, Barbara, Adele and the whole big Casinari family are pleased to renew the promise that has lasted for more than 25 years, a simple and effective recipe that combines territory, tradition, technology and… people!

Our philosophy

Casina del Bosco, for the preparation of piadina, has always embodied tradition linked to the Romagna territory, without neglecting the future: we have always invested in the best technology, for cutting-edge catering.


Our priority is to follow the traditional recipe for making piadina. We are committed to making fillings from the most classic to the most innovative, to suit everyone’s desires.


The products we choose every day are part of Emilia Romagna’s food tradition, hence we like to touch their quality with our hands, choosing above all companies that work alongside us.


We do not neglect research and innovation, we use easily digestible flours and we wish to discover production methods that are always up to date. To improve product quality and speed of service.


Casina del Bosco is a piadineria in Rimini made of quality, research and tradition, but above all of PEOPLE.

The outgoing character of Romagna and its welcoming spirit are part of us, who define ourselves as true Casinari. Casina del Bosco is characterised by courtesy and professionalism in the kitchen and when serving the meal.

The Team

We are not just a simple staff, but a real family that always welcomes all those who want to be part of it.
From the kitchen to the dining room, via the bar, we are all Casinari ready to meet your needs.


Casina’s reference person, she keeps the whole staff in line, motivates them with love and passes on to everyone the tradition that mama Adele taught her.


He is Casina’s father and takes care of all his guests, feeding them with taste and authenticy, thanks to the best ingredients.


‘Zdora’ par excellence, with her hands full of energy and lots of experience she will delight you with piada, cassone, salads and desserts.


Our staff takes care of customers, always smiley, always available for valuable advice.


The experience we have gained since 1995 makes our cuisine ready to satisfy the most demanding palates.


Our bartenders, always bright and snappy, are ready to refresh the palate of all our guests.

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Events and Ceremonies

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