The real Piadina Romagnola was born right here in Romagna.

People have been talking about piadina since the Middle Ages, passing through the Renaissance until today.

The first historical document found that speaks of ‘piada’ dates back to 1371, but we owe the piada’s cultural notoriety to Giovanni Pascoli, the Romagna poet who celebrated it in his works, defining it as a poor food widespread among the less wealthy classes. Pascoli dedicated a poem to the piada and we dedicated an article to him. Read it here.

In 1920 the piada conquered its place among Romagna’s specialities. The credit was due to a true promoter of Romagna culture, Aldo Spallicci. Spallicci founded the magazine ‘La Piè’, making ‘piada’ the symbol of Romagna, synonymous with home and land.

From a poor man’s dish to a recipe of culinary art. Many are familiar with the Piada, or Piadina, and its ancient origins. Today, the Piada, the poor man’s dish of Romagna tradition, has evolved and made its way as an excellent alternative to pizza and fast-food.



Piadina is a classic dish of Romagna culinary tradition and its preparation is quite simple.
You need water (preferably hot), 00 flour, oil or lard and salt to taste!
Here’s how to make piadina at home:


Make a ‘volcano’ with the flour. Spread it out and hollow it out to create a central space.


A pinch of salt, oil (or as tradition dictates, lard), and a little lukewarm water.


Mix the ingredients a little at a time.


Knead for a few minutes until the dough is consistent and firm.


After the dough has rested for about half an hour, divide it into balls of about 150 grams and roll them out with a rolling pin until you obtain disks about 3 millimetres high.


Cook over a high heat on both sides on the griddle for a couple of minutes.
The piadina recipe is served!



Our Piadina is precisely the fruit of our passion for traditional Romagna dishes.

Today, from the idea of a Piadineria in Rimini, the Casina del Bosco has continued as a restaurant, widening the menu. A menu characterised by a care for every detail, so as to offer an excellent product in a familiar, modern and comfortable environment.

In Romagna, talking about piadina means talking about tradition. At the Casina del Bosco we always try to create unique experiences for our guests and to bring genuine flavours. We like to think that we always dedicate our work to the care of our customers, to the creation of new tastes and original combinations.
We are confident that in our menu you will find tradition and taste combined with the best products and the most creative ideas.