The menu at Casina del Bosco includes piadina and cassone made with classic or 100% spelt dough. With a wide choice of meat or fish combinations and proposals for those who prefer a vegetarian or vegan diet.
But not only piadina and cassone! You will also find salads and dishes designed for you by us Casinari. And then there are them, our desserts, all made in Casina’s.


On the piadina menu you will find our proposals, classic piadina and more creative ones. Try one of our specialities, such as the piadina with roast beef, strictly prepared by us, with mayonnaise, salad and tomato. If you are curious to discover, or rediscover, the true flavours of Romagna tradition, you cannot miss the sausage and onion piadina and the sardines piadina with radicchio and spring onion… unforgettable.


Typical Romagna street food, cassone is an excellent alternative to piadina. Discover the taste of fresh, genuine and tasty ingredients. There are many varieties: from the simple Tomato and Mozzarella (the Red one), passing through Mozzarella, Sausage and Potatoes, Quattro Formaggio (or rather Quatri Furmai!) up to the Vegan Cassone and the Spicy one.


For those who want to remain light, without neglecting taste, we offer excellent salads, with fresh and tasty combinations.


What meal would be without dessert after piada? We carefully prepare every dessert like our piadina: fresh, top-quality ingredients and, above all, homemade! Squacquerone ice cream, Romagna doughnut (the Zambela) to ‘pucciare’ dip, cheesecake and vegan chocolate passion: these are just some of our varied selection.