Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time
there was a Piadineria in Rimini called Casina del Bosco…

Piadina Stracchino e Rucola - Casina del BoscoThe real Piadina Romagnola was born right here, on the coast of ROMAGNA. In the shadows of Grand Hotel in Marina Centro of Rimini, in 1995 we founded Casina del Bosco among the other historic Piadinerias.
The quality of our Piadina originates from the passion for traditional dishes of Romagna. Today, we have turned the idea of ​​Piadineria into a Restaurant, expanding our Menu that still follows the Tradition of Guidi’s family and stands out for its attention to details, in order to offer you an Excellent Product in a Family, Modern and Comfortable Environment.

Casina del Bosco - Rimini

From peasant food to culinary art recipe. Many people know the Piada, or Piadina, and its ancient origins (already in 1371 someone talked about it). Today the Piada, the peasant traditional dish of Romagna, has evolved and found its way as a great alternative to pizza and fast food.
Even the classic old Stand has been renewed, giving space (in 2009) to a modern and welcoming architecture as a real Restaurant, integrated within Rimini’s promenade, near the Beach, the Sea, and the happy carefreeness of Summertime in Rimini.


In 2015 Casina del Bosco and its staff celebrated their “20 years spent eating together”. Aris, Barbara, Adele and the whole big Casina’s family are pleased to renew you the promise that has been going on for the last 20 years, an easy and effective recipe: