Open-plan Kitchen

cucina-con-vistaOpen-plan Kitchen

The quality of our Piadina characterizes us; it can be tasted outdoors both in the Terrace and in the little square in front of the Piadineria; and, if you are curious, you can look out into the Kitchen and find out how it is prepared.
Casina del Bosco’s open-plan kitchen shows to everyone the Artisan Preparation of Piadina, made with Fresh Ingredients and always prepared on the spot by the skilled hands of our ‘Zdore (typical housewives from Romagna).

la-qualità-del-territorioThe quality of the territory… by nature and not by name!

The integration with the territory, which Guidi’s family has always believed in, means also using local products. High-quality food selected within the territory in order to make a unique piadina.
The Parma Ham, the squacquerone cheese produced by “La centrale del latte” (milk plant) of Cesena and the vegetables prepared and cooked every day are only few examples of the attention to quality that make the taste of Casina del Bosco’s piadina unforgettable.


In the piadinas menu you will find our proposals, the classic piadinas and the most creative ones. Try one of our specialities, piadina with roast-beef, mayonnaise, lettuce and tomato.
If you are curious to discover, or rediscover, the real flavors of Romagna tradition you cannot miss the piadina with sausage and onion and the piadina with sardoni (big sardines), red chicory and spring onion… unforgettable.


Cassoni are a great alternative to piadinas. Discover the flavour of fresh, genuine and tasty ingredients. There is a wide range of cassoni: from the simple Tomato and Mozzarella cheese, or Mozzarella cheese and Cooked Ham, to Mozzarella cheese, Sausage and Herbs.


For those who prefer a light meal, without leaving out the taste, we offer excellent salads, including: Contadina, Estiva and Insalatona.


What kind of meal would it be without a dessert after your piada? We take care of the preparation of every dessert just as we do for our piadinas: fresh, excellent-quality and, above all, HOMEMADE ingredients!
Squacquerone Ice Cream with pear puree and blueberries, homemade cake with chocolate sauce and chantilly cream, cheesecake “in our own way”: this is only the beginning of our varied selection.