Mora Romagnola

salumi di mora romagnolaSupplied by Azienda Agricola Zavoli in Saludecio (
Zavoli’s family has been running for over fifty years the farm in which cattle and pigs are raised to produce cold cuts “as in the past”.
The passion for the countryside, for animals and for healthy and natural products is the strength of this farm.
The cereals and food for their livestock are internally produced, allowing the company to fully control the production of meat.
Mora Romagnola pig breed is a presidium of Slow Food, organization that supports small quality productions which risk of disappearing.
Zavoli farm belongs to the Association “La Mora del Presidio”.
Among the cold cuts of Mora Romagnola there is Mora Romagnola ham, aged from 18 to 36 months, Mora Romagnola salami, seasoned in Gentile’s gut as for tradition, Mora Romagna lard with herbs, capocollo (neck), lonzino and lombetto (loin), and Mora Romagnola shoulder.
The way of preservation is the main characteristic of this product. It takes place directly in beeswax which allows extending the life of the product up to nearly a year, in the most natural way possible.