Local Products

At Casina del Bosco in Rimini we use only high-quality ingredients.
We achieve this result thanks to our Suppliers who are always a Guarantee of Excellence.
Each product is carefully chosen by our Staff and this choice is made directly on our Territory of Emilia Romagna, because we want to see and touch personally the quality.
The multi-year collaboration between us and our supplier agroindustrial companies is a guarantee of the refinement of our Products.
The love for our customers comes from the selection of the Best Products.

  • prosciutto crudo di parma
    Parma Ham

    The Parma Ham with at least 18-24 months of aging.

  • farina

    Flour is the main ingredient of our piadinas.

  • formaggio di fossa
    Pit-aged cheese

    A PDO product.
    Directly from

  • mortadella IGP
    PGI Mortadella

    With pistachios,
    directly from

  • porchetta

    Directly supplied from the historic butcher’s shop Battistini in Rimini.

  • Culatello di Zibello
    Culatello di Zibello

    A P.D.O. cold cut, produced since 1735.

  • roastbeef
    Roast beef

    Chosen, cooked and prepared directly with our hands.

  • salsiccia

    Coming from Salumificio Lombardi in Santarcangelo.

  • salumi di mora romagnola
    Mora Romagnola

    Cold cuts by Azienda Agricola Zavoli in Saludecio

  • sardoncini

    Daily purchased directly at the fish market of Rimini.

  • squacquerone

    PDO and other milk products of the milk plant of Cesena.

  • verdure

    All our vegetables are purchased directly from local farmers.