Our bartenders, always aware and snappy, ready to refresh our guests’ palates.

  • Angy

    Role at “Casina del Bosco”: Barmaid
    Working at “Casina del Bosco” since: 2011
    Favourite Piada: Lonzino, Rocket and Tomato
    Favourite Dessert: Mascarpone

  • Andrea
    Andrea "Cavani"

    Role at “Casina del Bosco”: Barman
    Working at “Casina del Bosco” since: 2014
    Favourite Piada: Culatello di Zibello, Radicchio and “Pecorino” cheese
    Favourite Dessert: Wafer with Mascarpone cream and Strawberry!

  • Nicola

    Role at “Casina del Bosco”: Barman, alias “burba”
    Working at “Casina del Bosco” since: 2012
    Favourite Piada: Sausage, Herbs and Gorgonzola, called “la Basket”
    Favourite Dessert: Mascarpone

  • Adriana

    Role at “Casina del Bosco”: "Barwoman"
    Working at “Casina del Bosco” since: 2016
    Favourite Piada: Vienna sausage, mustard, lettuce and tomato... I WANT YOU!!
    Favourite Dessert: Sour black cherry rice ice cream

  • Casina del Bosco

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    • Open from March to October, from Tuesday to Sunday, from 11:30 am to 02.00 am.
    • Address:
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      47921 - Rimini (RN)
      La Piadina di Guidi A. & C. S.n.c
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