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Casina del Bosco, in the preparation of its Piadinas, always joins the Tradition linked to the Romagna Territory without disregarding the future; we have always been investing in the best Technologies for a cutting-edge Catering service.


Our priority is to follow the traditional Recipe for the preparation of Piadina. We devote ourselves to the preparation of all kinds of stuffing, from the traditional to the most innovative one.


The Products we choose every day for you are part of the food tradition of Emilia Romagna; that is why we want touch with hand their quality, choosing only companies that work in our neighbourhoods.


We cannot ignore the research that future provides us with; for this reason, we believe that using a kind of flour which can be digested by all our customers or finding out up-to-date processing methods is essential in order to improve the quality of the product and the service speed.