For the Past 20 Years, spent eating together


Spelt Piadina


I 'ne miga comprì!

Desserts are not bought – You’ll only taste nicely home-made desserts


A wonderful place to live Rimini

Come out on the terrace to relax in a space custom made for you


Each Piadina smells like home

From the recipe to the stuffing, everything is hand-made by our dedicated ‘Zdore’


Each cassone is a symbol of love

For its taste, its abundance and for its link with the Romagnola culinary tradition


Come and enjoy the piadina of Romagna...

Casina del Bosco in Rimini is located very close to the sea, a stone's throw from Grand Hotel and the famous Fountain of Quattro Cavalli. Our piadina is so special, thanks to the tradition which for years has been handed down from father to son, and which allows us to use the original recipe of piadina. Here, generation transitions have led to the research of continuous innovation and to the relationship with the Territory: as far as products are concerned, this is reflected in the choices of new types of flour and solutions thought for our customers' health. About infrastructures, we are always looking for more innovative means. Our motto is being able to renew ourselves without forgetting our history!